Coaches are reminded to please follow directions as listed on The Logan Daily News game summary sheets. Game information must be submitted no later than three days after completion of the game or it will not be published. Unreadable or incomplete game reports will not be published, and reports will not be accepted by phone. Results can be dropped off at The Logan Daily News office, faxed to The LDN at 385-4514, or emailed to If you don’t see your team’s game reports in the paper, please remind your team’s head coach to submit information.

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John Peters Plumbing 15, Little Chiefs Daycare 10 — Little Chiefs: Josie Sigler triple and double, Faith Neville double and single, Kylie Covert, Chloe Hunsaker, Alyssa Cook, Patience Neville and Kalie Cook one single each.

Little Chiefs Daycare 13, Rent-2-Own 3 — Little Chiefs: Josie Sigler, Kylie Covert and Chloe Hunsaker two singles each, Tori Biggs, Alyssa Cook, Faith Neville and Riley Hackney one single each.


Top Dog 16, Logan Rotary 2 — Rotary: Carson Gedeon, Dominik Graham and Simon Cassady one single each; Christian Givens struck out three batters in two innings.

Cardaras Funeral Home 16, Top Dog 1 — Cardaras: Cody Hartman two singles, Drayden Dennis home run, Austin Weinsziehr and Christian VanBibber one double each, Isaiah Hood single; pitcher Austin Weinsziehr struck out 11 batters in four innings.

Cardaras Funeral Home 19, Hill Lodging 8 — Cardaras: Austin Weinsziehr grand-slam home run (6 total runs batted in) and single, Kaden Crum triple and single, Cody Hartman and Drayden Dennis one double and one single each, Isaiah Hood single; pitcher Austin Weinsziehr struck out four batters in two innings.


B4 Construction 9, Tansky Motors 0 — B4: Conner Hartman double and single, Brock Nihiser and Logan Polen two singles each, Ethan Showalter triple, Gage Gardner double, Daniel Bauers, Dylan Carter and Eli Showalter one single each.

B4 Construction 11, Real World 1 — B4: Daniel Bauer two home runs, Ethan Showalter two triples, Caden Weinsziehr triple and single, Dylan Carter and Brock Nihiser two singles each, Conner Hartman, Eli Showalter and Coen Hartman one single each.

B4 Construction 4, Shaw Realty 2 — B4: Brock Nihiser two singles, Daniel Bauer and Ethan Showalter one home run each, Caden Weinsziehr and Eli Showalter one single each.


(team scores not kept)

Edwards Heating & Cooling: Bentley Thomas two triples and two singles, Tate Edwards one double and three singles, Colson Mender four singles, Ayce Brigham one double and two singles, Carson Ellinger, Leeland Adair, Drake Clark, Cohen Platt and Liam Hinton three singles each, Jaxon Malone and Dylan West two singles each, Travis Amerine one single.


(team scores not kept)

Bailey’s Painting: Hayden Fouch double and single, Halo Yates two singles, Kate Hipple, Cailyn Coffill, Lauren Coakley, Hemi Rollins, Bella Cottrill and Hayden Sutton one single each.

Little Chiefs Daycare: Karlee Boals triple and two doubles, Camerin Tinkham and Sophie Debord one double and two singles each, Kellyn Frasure, Kenna Stivison, Emma Metzler, Kenzie Hackney and Mikyla McCormick three singles each, Myranda Champ, Macee Perry and Layla Taylor two singles each, Kaynee Wilson and Rayleigha Peters one single each.

Little Chiefs Daycare: Karlee Boals double and single, Kellyn Frasure, Myranda Champ, Kenna Stivison and Macee Perry two singles each, Camerin Tinkham, Laynee Wilson, Sophie Debord, Emma Metzler, Kenzie Hackney, Mikayla McCormick and Layla Taylor one single each.

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