ALBANY — Victories over Alexander, Nelsonville-York and Wellston enabled the Logan eighth-grade volleyball team to finish its season with a sterling 17-3 record.

Logan won its season-ending match 25-22, 25-23 Thursday at Alexander. Carley Thompson was 10-10 serving (three aces), 5-9 in attacks (one kills) and added two digs, Chloe McCarty was 8-9 serving (two aces), Emily Hood 5-6 serving (three aces), 6-7 in attacks (one kill) and had six digs, Rylie Woltz 5-6 serving (two aces) and 8-8 in attacks (seven kills), Aislynn Slack 5-5 serving (one ace) and four digs, Hannah Nunley 3-4 in attacks with four digs and Maggie Weaver 4-6 in attacks (two kills) and six digs.

On Tuesday, the eighth-graders won 25-18 and 25-19 at N-Y. Hood was 10-12 serving (five aces), 5-6 in attacks (two kills) and added four digs, McCarty was 9-11 serving (two aces) and 4-7 in attacks (two kills), Thompson 6-8 serving (one ace) and 7-9 in attacks (one kill), Woltz 7-8 serving (one ace) and 7-7 in attacks (two kills) and Slack 3-4 serving (one ace) with six digs.

Logan defeated Wellston 25-9 and 25-12 in its home finale as Thompson went 10-10 serving, Hood 6-6 was serving (two aces) with four kills, Aryanna Burnside was 6-6 serving and Weaver was 5-6 serving (two aces).

The Logan seventh-grade volleyball team finished off a perfect 20-0 season by beating Alexander, N-Y and Wellston as well. Look for that story both online and in Tuesday’s print edition of The Logan Daily News.

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