LOGAN — Logan swept visiting Alexander in junior high volleyball matches played Thursday in the Logan-Hocking Middle School.

The seventh grade won 25-23, 35-10. Natalie Pierce went 10 for 11 serving (six aces) and 9-10 in attacks (four kills), Ella Ditty was 16-17 serving (six aces), Rachel Bauers was 4-5 serving and Hayley Nunley 3-4 serving (two aces).

The eighth graders won 25-15 6-25 17-25. Carley Thompson was 15-15 serving (four aces) 9-9 in attacks (five kills) and had four digs, Emily Hood 12-13 serving (three aces), 5-7 in attacks (two kills) with three digs and seven assists, Rylie Woltz was 8-8 serving, 10-12 in attacks (three kills), Maggie Weaver 10-11 serving (four aces), 6-8 in attacks (two kills) and six assists, Hannah Nunley 4-4 serving 7-7 in attacks and seven digs, Chloe McCarty 6-7 serving and three digs, and Aislynn Slack had three digs.

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