LOGAN — The Hocking County Commissioners passed a resolution that asks each elected official of Hocking County to establish rules for their own office regarding social distancing and sanitizing practices.

The Hocking County Courthouse is currently closed to the public but county employees are continuing to work, some offices with limited staff as the county tries to determine who is essential.

It is up to each elected official as to how they want to run their office but the resolution asks that they follow a few guidelines recommended by the Hocking County Health Commissioner, Doug Fisher.

It has been resolved that each office holder limits the maximum members of the public to one individual at a time and that members of the public be allowed admittance to the office by appointment only.

Hocking County Treasurer Diane Sargent suggested that she would meet people at the front entrance of the courthouse and try to assist members of the public from there.

The commissioners are also urging that the public contact the needed department by phone or other electronic means before visiting a specific office.

Members of the public are to go directly to the office they need and not linger around in the courthouse.

The commissioners are working out a schedule for their regularly scheduled meetings and have decided to hold meetings on Thursdays. They will not have a scheduled meeting today. Their meetings are currently closed to the public.

Public meetings across the county and state are going to look different as social distancing becomes more commonplace.

Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost has asked that county’s seek guidance from their county prosecutor on how to continue with meetings while making sure that the public still has the opportunity to participate and ask questions.

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