Presenting the Logan High School Class of 2019

The Logan High School Class of 2019

LOGAN — Graduation is one of the most important milestones in a student’s school career — it’s a time to celebrate the past, prepare for the future and seek guidance into the next phase of their young adult lives.

Friday night 281 students proudly walked onto the field for one last time at the Logan High School stadium. It was a solemn moment for many as they prepare for the next step into their future.

The temperature was perfect and the Logan Chieftain stadium was the perfect backdrop for the 2019 graduation ceremony held Friday night with thousands of family members and friends packed into the stands to watch as the graduating seniors proudly marched onto the field.

This year there are 23 graduates earning top honors, each wearing a red cord, which is summa cum laude status.

Summa cum laude graduates include Hadley A. Alford; Elizabeth J. Beckley; Caleb O. Bell; Coby G. Bell; Weston J. Brooks; Layton J. Cassady; Hannah R. Copley; Tyler D. Cummin; Emmalee G. Dicken; Abigail C. Downs; Lexis K. Fickel; Carter L. Krannitz; Micaela A. Leach; Dawson J. Libben; Sydney D. Lingerak; Grace M. McKee; Rachel C. Pierce; Caden T. Primmer; Elisha J. Sellards; Bethany J. Starlin; Gabrielle L. Trippier; Katelynn A. Ward; and Trevor R. Wolfe.

Twenty-two graduates earned magna cum laude status and will wear green cords.

Magna cum laude graduates include Seth M. Abram; Anna M. Backus; Ainsleigh P. Beckett; Makayla R. Boysel; Nicole E. Clonch; Sophia R. Gadrim; Caitlin H. Hoellrich; Shay R. Lantz; Landon J. Little; Brant Lovas; Brynn A. McKinley; Danielle N. Parrish; Ryan L. Patton; Kyla R. Primmer; Olivia K. Proctor; Dominick C. Rager; Issac M. Riley; McKenzie K. Schultz; Kayla J. Secoy; Alexis L. Thompson; Alexis A. Walter; and Kaymbre J. Zimmerman.

Forty-three students will wear black cords, which designate the status of cum laude.

Cum laude graduates include Zachary T. Abram; Brice M. Berry; Emma T. Boyle; Cody A. Burns; Emma R. Clement; Katelyn M. Dane; Chasity E. Deible; Benjamin R. DeNune; Austin S. Drennen; Justin L. Evans; Taryn E. Eveland; Emmari G. Gabriel; Ashley M. Galvan; Carl L. Geiger; Joseph W. Gortney; Samuel D. Hall; Sidni A. Harris; Jayce M. Haybron; Avery C. Hileman; Jordan C. Hiles; Cole M. James; Jasper I. Jones; Morgan P. Loucks; Riley D. Maffin; Olivia A. Miller; Zachary A. Murrey; Bo Z. Myers; Elyzabeth A. O’Neill; Jasmine N. Phillips; Alexa J. Poling; Mikayla G. Pope; Caitlin R. Prideau; Mallory R. Robison; Addyson M. Rooker; Malya N. Sauer; Riley J. Smith; Ashlee J. Spicer; Eric C. Stanley; Taylar K. Stevens; Alan J. Swaim; Jeromy J. Weaver; Garrett C. Weeman; Kyleigh M. Williams.

Senior National Honor Society members include Seth Abram; Hadley Alford; Libby Beckley; Caleb Bell; Coby Bell; Wes Brooks; Layton Cassady; Hannah Copley; Tyler Cummin; Katelyn Dane; Emmalee Dicken; Abigail Downs; Austin Drennen; Taryn Eveland; Lexis Fickel; Emmari Gabriel; Sam Hall; Sidni Harris; Caitlin Hoellrich; Ashley Hubbs; Jasper Jones; Carter Krannitz; Micaela Leach; Aaliyah Lewis; Dawson Libben; Sydney Lingerak; Landon Little; Grace McKee; Brynn McKinley; Bo Myers; Ryan Patton; Cailin Prideau; Olivia Proctor; Mallory Robison; Maiya Sauer; Riley Smith; Bethany Starlin; Alexis Walter; Katelyn Ward; Jeromy Weaver; Trevor Wolfe; and Kaymbre Zimmerman.

Diploma With Honors students include Seth Abram; Hadley Alford; Ainsleigh Beckett; Elizabeth Beckley; Caleb Bell; Coby Bell; Brice Berry; Makayla Boysel; Weston Brooks; Layton Cassady; Hannah Copley; Tyler Cummin; Katelyn Dane; Emmalee Dicken; Abigail Downs; Austin Drennen; Lexis Fickel; Sophia Gadrim; Emmari Gabriel; Samuel Hall; Jayce Haybron; Caitlin Hoellrich; Carter Krannitz; Micaela Leach; Dawson Libben; Sydney Lingerak; Landon Little; Morgan Loucks; Riley Maffin; Grace McKee; Brynn McKinley; Olivia Miller; Danielle Parrish; Rachel Pierce; Caitlin Prideau; Caden Primmer; Isaac Riley; Mallory Robison; Maiya Sauer; Elisha Sellards; Riley Smith; Bethany Starlin; Taylar Stevens; Alex Thompson; Gabriella Trippier; Alexis Walter; Katelyn Ward; Jeromy Weaver; Trevor Wolfe; and Kaymbre Zimmerman.

LHS Principal Ken Dille opened the ceremony and introduced the summa cum laude, magna cum laude and cum laude graduating students, school officials and dignitaries attending the ceremony including Superintendent Monte Bainter; Assistant Superintendent Christy Bosch; Carrie Cook-Porter; Trina Barrell; Brice Frasure; Rob Ramage; Theresa Schultheiss; Paul Shaw; Paul Mock, board member emeritus; Shari Boggs; Courtney Spatar; and board members Scott Anzalone, John Woltz, Lance Bell, Mark Barrell and Betty Amnah.

“Parents, friends, relatives, dignitaries and graduating seniors, it is my pleasure to welcome each of you to the 147th Commencement Ceremony for Logan High School. Near the end of tonight’s celebration it will be my honor to present the Logan High School graduating Class of 2019,” Dille began.

“I have spent three years with this group of seniors, and I am proud of the way they have developed as leaders within our school. The students sitting before you are the product of four years of hard work and their commitment is being recognized today.

“Here are some of their impressive accomplishments. This class has been successful in academics with over $1.5 million in scholarships earned, and in addition to the 23 summa cum laude honorees, another 22 qualified as magna cum laude, and 43 as cum laude honorees. Honors diplomas account for 50 of our students, National Honor and National Technical Honor Society members are represented too.

“Athletics celebrated success with team and individual accolades including winning seasons, personal bests, All-Ohio awards, improved skill and hard work rewarded. Many students will continue athletics at the next level.

“Students celebrate their art talents in ceramics, when you see the roundabout soon you will be amazed, the Governor’s Art Show and all types of media from our TV-2 production team. Student performances were exceptional in our school plays and musicals, in vocal music with superior ratings and an award as the Most Spirited Choir in America, and in instrumental music who also received superior ratings multiple times this year,” he added.

“Students welded, built and refined weight equipment for the school in engineering courses, still others competed and placed in FFA competitions locally and at the state level with some teams moving on to the national level.

“In addition, our students televise their very own weekly news show right here at the school. The student led Red Cross Blood drive this school year again collected life saving blood for those in need. The class of 2019 is impressive.

“It is amazing to see the impact these students have had on each other, their underclassmen as models for leadership, and as stewards to our community. You are truly outstanding! I am excited for your future and the opportunities that you each will have to continue to make an impact on our world. You have received the foundation of your education here with us at Logan High School and I am confident we will see the best from you as you make your way in the world.

“Seniors, take some time in the near future to thank special people who have helped you get here. You wouldn’t be here without the guidance and support of loving family members. They have provided support and taught life lessons that will be valuable for the rest of your life. Teachers, coaches, directors and advisors have also nudged and guided you along the way. Their expertise has provided a solid educational foundation on which to build,” Dille continued.

“Also, our community fully supports our school by way of providing a state-of-the-art facility with technology to explore learning. They believe in you and have proven it with their continued support.

“Also, many of your parents or family members have served in a branch of our military. The freedoms you enjoy are preserved by those who have been called to duty. Some of you sitting here will report to basic training in the near future, and we thank you.

“Finally, the world today and all of its challenges can seem daunting. By receiving your diploma today you have proven that you have strength and perseverance. Late night studying, long written essays, solving intricate math problems, creating art to catch someone’s eye, or rehearsing a song or a piece of dialogue over and over until it is perfect is all practice for what you will do in your adult life.

“Those were graded assignments that you practiced. Now you are ready for the next phase of your life. So as you continue your education, enter the military, or join the workforce; take pride in being forever a part of the Chieftain Nation as alumni after this ceremony.

“Congratulations, and thank you for your hard work” Dille concluded.

Carter Krannitz presented the invocation:

“We are gathered here today to celebrate a multitude of accomplishments by those we care for and love. The path we have travelled and stayed true to was a long one, but one built on great relationships, invaluable memories, and countless lessons learned.

“The class of 2019 has been well known as one of the most promising groups of young adults to be sent out into what our parents like to call, “the real world”.

“For those of you who have religious beliefs, I ask that you now bow your head and pray with me.

“Lord, we are gathered here today to reflect on all that you have given us and thank you for your ever-present influence.

“We are thankful for a number of attributes you have bestowed upon us that have been instrumental in our success. The strength to continue when times were difficult, the courage to ask questions and form our own opinions, and the knowledge needed to get to this point in our lives.

“We are thankful for your blessing onto our school, allowing the class of 2019 to graduate harm-free from the many conflicts in our world.

“We are thankful for the number of caring teachers, counselors, custodians, and other staff members who have shown concern, helped, supported, or gave guidance to any of our class members over course of our education.

“We are thankful for the countless times you have been there for us all and have provided us with what we needed.

“We ask that you stay with us in all of our endeavors and continue to be good to us, as you have been over these many years. Amen

“In Timothy 4:12 it is stated, “Don’t let anyone think less of you because you are young. Be an example to all believers in what you say, in the way you live, in your love, your faith and your purity.”

“It is my advice to the class of 2019 to stay true to this path and you will not falter. Thank you.”

Caleb Bell gave the welcome speech:

“Good evening faculty, family, and friends and welcome to Logan High School for the 2019 graduation ceremony. Tonight is a new experience for us all. We seniors are all graduating and you all in the audience are listening to me speak for probably the first time. That’s okay though, the world is for exploring new opportunities and seizing the moment.

“Tonight is about more than just welcoming the community to witness the graduation of one of the greatest classes to ever pass through Logan High School, it is about welcoming the graduates into a new chapter of their lives.

“Class of 2019, welcome to graduation. To describe what life after graduation will be like, here is a quote from Deadpool, “Here’s the thing, life is an endless series of train wrecks with only brief commercial-like breaks of happiness. This had been the ultimate commercial break. Which meant it was time to return to our regularly scheduled programming.”

“Once tonight’s done and over with, each and every one of you will begin a new chapter of your lives. Once again you will be the small fish in the big sea, similar to walking through the doors of the high school on your first day. Life will be hard, but that is why you will learn and adapt so that you don’t get trampled by this fast paced game we call life.

“At a glimpse, this all may seem a bit scary and overwhelming, but you should be excited. This new stage of life should be seen as welcoming you into a brighter future, where you can make decisions for yourself and forge a new path.

“As we are welcomed into this new chapter of life, we must not forget the hard work and effort that we have put into the journey that has gotten us this far. Back in eighth grade, the basketball team had a short saying that we used. That saying was just three simple words: head, heart, and hustle. These three words helped to guide us along as we strived to achieve greatness and I would like to pass them on to the rest of the class.

“The first word, head, means that you are always mentally prepared for what you are about to do. It means that you are concentrated on your goals and on how to achieve them. A goal of the basketball team ever since we were little was to pack the high school gymnasium stands every night and I’d say we pretty much accomplished that one.

“Heart means that you are passionate about what you do. This can be applied to anything and everything that you do; you have to put your heart into it.

“Hustle is simply all of the hard work and effort that you put into your goals. If you’re not putting 100 percent effort into everything that you do, then you are not living life to the fullest. To sum it up, a quote from the greatest basketball player ever, Michael Jordan, “Sometimes, things may not go your way, but the effort should be there every single night.”

“As we begin this new chapter, whether that be going to college, joining the military, or joining the workforce, we must all remember to apply the hard-working ethic and effort that has gotten us this far and to remember to be passionate about what we do, no matter what it is.

“To top it off, here is another quote from Michael Jordan, “Some people want it to happen, some wish it would happen, others make it happen.” We must not just wish for something to happen, we must go out and make it happen.

“I know that we all will achieve success in some way, shape, or form with whatever we do. This class has been very special in what it has accomplished and what it will continue to accomplish. The friendships made, the relationships created, and the bonds formed will forever be there.

“Even though our lives may branch out, the memories will still thrive. Thank you members of Logan High School that have touched our lives. Thank you friends and family that have shaped us into the young adults that we are today.

“Class of 2019, once again welcome to graduation, a stepping-stone into the next chapter of our lives.”

Lexis Fickel offered the class address:

“Family, friends, teachers, administrators, and most importantly my fellow peers, we’ve come together today to celebrate a huge milestone in each of our lives. Not only will we miss one another but as we’ve all said, our class has run this school and our accomplishments won’t go unnoticed.

“As a class we’ve successfully competed in teams to win the last SEOAL titles, our choir members were invited to perform at the first ever national choir festival, we’ve seen numerous artists showcased at the governor’s art show, our class contributed to the completion of the field house with a coffee cart and Ms. Watt’s first and last color run, our musicians have toured New York, Washington, D.C., and soon Chicago.

“We’ve watched a memorable basketball program grow up, and most importantly the two time powder-puff champions, as well as many more accomplishments throughout our careers as students. All of these achievements couldn’t of been possible without the guidance and support of our parents, teachers, coaches, and community support.

“To each of you, our successes are also your successes. All of us here thank you for your continued support throughout our years. Together our class has contributed to making Logan High School the best it has been but now it’s time for us all to turn the page and make the next chapter in each of our lives just as memorable.

“As we prepare to leave the one place we’ve known for the past 12 years, I ask my fellow classmates; where do you see yourself in 10 years? In 20 years? Where do you want to go in life but how are you going to achieve it? I’m sure everyone sees themselves at a positive place in 10 years, each of us have a goal that we’d want to achieve within that time frame but the real determination will be found in the paths that each of us take to get to this goal.

“Michael Phelps once said, “I think goals should never be easy, they should force you to work, even if they are uncomfortable at times.” Goal setting isn’t necessarily always about the big outstanding goal such as I want to be a successful residency program in 10 years but rather the smaller goals that lead up to making that achievement.

“You can’t run a marathon without first being able to run a mile, two miles, 13 miles. Don’t settle, every goal you set should challenge you in some way and force you to become the best that each and everyone one of you can be.

“As I say that each of you should set challenging goals for yourself, remember that it’s okay to make mistakes. You’re bound to stumble along your path, there’s no straight shot to your dreams. We’re all about to enter the “real world” where having a perfect plan doesn’t always happen.

“To many of us, throughout high school years we tried to be our own version of perfect through grades, extracurricular, and social lives. After the past four years of striving to be perfect to get to this day, each and every one of you should go out and make mistakes. We all have time to make mistakes and still obtain our goals, figure out who we are and where we’re going.

“This is our time to be young, try new things, and fail sometimes. We each need to accept that perfect isn’t real and that bumps in the road happen. We have to take risks and enjoy life, not have an Instagram perfect life to flaunt. What matters is doing what you enjoy and being able to fill our lives with memories and experiences that’ll we’ll be able to talk about for a lifetime. Perfection isn’t reality but happiness is. So rather than striving for a new perfect life, accept failure to grow and find your own happiness.

“All of us entered Logan High School as nervous freshman, fearful of what the future held for us. Together, we’re leaving as adults, with the basic education necessary to start our future lives. We each have chosen a different path for the future, not one the same, and I ask all of you now to take that path with pride to enjoy your life, not just to get by.

“Although it may not seem easy, every challenge and every achievement is a blessing and should be seen as a positive in your life. Whether or not you see it, someone is looking at you and your light can change another’s perspective on the day. The joy that each of you take from the fact of being alive can greatly affect many lives throughout our lifetime.

“Abraham Lincoln once said, “Folks are usually about as happy as they make their minds up to be.” Everyday you go out into the world, choose to be happy. Make your choices to be the positive light, not only in your life but also for everyone around. Time that you enjoy will never be a waste of time.

“Class of 2019, enjoy life the best that you can. How fast has high school went by for all of us? Before long we’ll be meeting at our 10-year reunion, thinking back and regretting what we wish we had done.

“Wherever you see yourself in 10 years, don’t fear the mistakes you’ll make. There’s no right or wrong way and as the great Hannah Montana once said, “Nobody’s perfect and that includes all of us.” These mistakes we are bound to make can become some of the greatest lessons that you’ll learn in order to achieve all of your goals.

Ten years from now there shouldn’t be regrets, but lessons learned and accomplishments achieved. Good luck all of you and thank you for your time.”

Coby Bell gave the farewell address:

“Good evening students, families, friends, teachers, coaches, and faculty of a memorable class. It is an honor to have the opportunity to stand among the Class of 2019 and present one final goodbye to the community we grew up in.

“Tony Stark (Ironman) once said, “Part of the journey is the end,” as we are on the final stage of completing a journey started since we were just little kindergartners walking in on our first day of school, while our parents and families hope the day of graduation will slowly come.

“Now the day is upon us as many of us, mostly students, were excited to reach this point in our lives. Even though this is the end of being a Logan Chieftain, the end brings only a new beginning. It is the time we break off from one another and journey on a path I know will be destined for success for all of you.

“The next journey in life is about to begin, as many of us are off to college, the workforce, or the military, and I pray for wherever life may take you that you will be safe. You all have the potential to be something great in this world, now it’s your time to chase your dreams, and I guarantee with hard work and dedication, which you all have, you can be anything you want to be.

“Now before we all go on our new journeys, I want everyone to remember your time as a Logan Chieftain. Optimus Prime once said, “I send this message so that our pasts will always be remembered, for in those memories we live on.” I have always loved this quote since the first time I saw the movie in 2009.

“Our time as a Logan Chieftain was a huge part of our lives, we grew, and we learned, we fought, we loved and with all those experiences it shaped us to be the person we are today. Though we may be excited today, there was a time no one wanted these experiences to end.

“We all had a time throughout Logan High School that we did not want to end. To the friendships we have made, to the accomplishments made in the classroom, to the FFA competitions, to the performing on stage with the applause of fellow classmates, to all the craziness taking place in the student sections, to the football players running out through the “L” on Friday nights, to the band marching on the field, to the soccer players celebrating when someone scored a goal, to the volleyball players constantly getting floor burns and doing their heel clicks when they would score, to the runners in track and cross country running through the finish line feeling very tired, and to the basketball players getting goose bumps to the sounds of Chieftain Nation cheering you on as you run on the court.

“These are all memories that will be remembered as we continue on throughout life. Not only will we remember the memories we made together, but also the memories we made with the community of Logan, Ohio. We were the role models of many and seeing how we impacted our community was a blessing.

“I know for me, I will miss seeing the smiles of my aunt’s kindergarten class when I walk in, to my first grade basketball team having dance battles, and to the cheers of many as our teams ran onto the field or court.

“Not only will these memories last a lifetime, but the friendships we made as well. I think the hardest part of graduating for many of us is leaving your best friends, as they were a huge part of your life. However, those friends will always remain in your heart and will always be a part of your life. So remember the life you had as a Logan Chieftain as it was the building block to a new adventure that awaits.

“We would not be here right now if it were not for the teachers, coaches, and administrators. Not only I, but the rest of us would like to thank you for your inspiration, knowledge, and teachings, as you all have helped us grow to the people we are today. We will keep you all in our memories as we continue through life.

“To the families, I would like to thank you for raising such a wonderful group of young men and women. The love we received from you will always be cherished, as we become the adults we soon will be.

“Now to the Class of 2019, thank you for being the best class anyone could ask for. I wish we could all continue our lives together, but it is time we part ways and become part of a bigger world.

“Thank you for being the people that you are and from the words of Tony Stark and his daughter Morgan Stark, to the class of 2019, I love you 3000.”

Emmalee Dicken gave the benediction:

“We would like to thank you all for celebrating with us here today. We will close with this prayer.

“Dear Lord,

“Thank you for blessing us with this day and for the opportunity to celebrate with the individuals who have guided us along the way.

“May we always cherish the friendships we have made, the memories we have created and most importantly the countless laughs we have shared.

“Allow us to feel a sense of achievement in this milestone and excitement for what lies ahead, remembering your light as guidance as we begin paving our own path. Help us to apply our skills for the greater good, building upon the education instilled within us.

“As one journey concludes and the next begins, let us never forget where we came from, trusting in that no matter what happens, you have great plans for each and every one of us. Amen.”

Weston Brooks, Abigail Downs, Dawson Libben, Bethany Starlin and Trevor Wolfe recited the Pledge of Allegiance.

While it was a joyous celebration for the senior class, it was also a solemn night for many. Congratulations to the Logan High School senior Class of 2019!

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