LOGAN — As more time indoors is being encouraged and schools are moving to online only classes, it may seem like activities to keep children entertained are limited.

But with just a little ingenuity, finding activities to stay preoccupied while at home can become a breeze.

For homes equipped with internet access, there are infinite ways to stay busy.

Some local entities are taking to Facebook live to read children’s books. Policing for Our Community and Logan Head Start are just two examples of Facebook pages that have recently started doing this.

Another group utilizing Facebook Live is the Cincinnati Zoo. They have used their page to create what is called Home Safari, which highlights one interesting zoo animal every weekday then gives an activity for kids to do from home.

There are also websites that offer free virtual field trips to places all around the world while providing information about each place visited.

Some websites are offering free printable coloring pages and even though some of the libraries have closed, their web pages are up and running and have resources to access a wide variety of books.

For those who lack proper internet access may want to resort to some hands on ways to have fun through puzzles, card games, board games, coloring books, sewing and knitting.

There are also ways for kids to have fun while still learning. Younger children may have a great time learning how to garden, cook meals or even doing household chores.

The DIY arts and crafts projects are endless and there are also some projects that are educational.

One educational project sure to excite kids is making a homemade volcano. Products required to do this include a paper plate, paper cup, aluminum foil, tape, two tablespoons of water, one tablespoon of baking soda, two tablespoons of vinegar and a large baking pan.

It doesn’t take much to turn household items and furniture into something new and exciting. A few chairs and bedding can make a cool blanket fort.

Teens who feel a little cramped up in the house are still allowed to go to the state parks and go hiking. Take a pet along for the walk if possible. If teenagers are missing the time spent with friends, the video streaming service Netflix has a feature called Netflix Party that allows people to virtually chat while watching movies together.

Those who have an instrument laying around the house, this is the time to pick it up and learn to play or get back into the swing of it. Even though people are encouraged to practice physical distancing, some time in the sun is great for the immune system.

The extra time on everyone’s hands means more time to set short and long term goals. Some simple short term goals that could be accomplished could be cleaning and redecorating rooms throughout the house.

Take this time to make a bucket list and write down long term goals. Set aside some time to write more and catch up on any unread books. Focus on looking forward and making plans for when restrictions are lifted but also

There are tons of ideas and projects not mentioned, which means get creative. The current places people can travel are limited but the enjoyable at home activities are unlimited.

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