LOGAN — The Hocking County Sheriff’s Office was involved in the investigation of three overdose incidents Saturday night.

At least one person is dead, HCSO Major Caleb Moritz confirmed to The Logan Daily News Monday morning.

All three occurred throughout Hocking County and, according to the HCSO, are believed to be linked to a narcotics dealer who lives in Logan.

The HCSO pleads to anyone struggling with addiction heed this warning and not use any narcotics purchased recently, which are believed to contained fentanyl, a fatal narcotic.

Individuals who are struggling with addiction are advised the HCSO and the Project HOPE team are able to provide support and assistance.

HCSO feels that the use of these narcotics pose a clear and present danger to anyone considering using them.

“We plead with users not to indulge in their use, for their own safety,” the HCSO said in a public statement.

Also reported, nine overdoses occurred in Chillicothe, Ross County.

No other information will be released until Tuesday.

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