LANCASTER — FAIRHOPE Hospice & Palliative Care, Inc. will hold its annual Cookie Walk and Crafts fundraiser on Saturday, Dec. 1 to benefit the FAIRHOPE Hospice Memorial Fund. Community members are encouraged to come early to do their holiday shopping at the event.

LOGAN — It’s countdown to the Christmas holiday family gatherings and with that comes a lot of preparations — including baking those traditional cookies and scrumdiddlyumptious treats.

Now that Thanksgiving is over, don’t let those leftovers from that big dinner go to waste. You can always stuff leftover turkey pieces in a sandwich topped with stuffing, cranberry sauce and a hint of horseradish sauce, but there are other ways to get another meal or two out of those leftove…

Tuesday evening as I looked around the circle of friends, both Amish and non- Amish, I just wished there was a way to reach any of you readers who are widows and give a quick invitation to join us for our annual Thanksgiving dinner for friends who are widows.

Thanksgiving is just around the corner. I wonder what you think of as you prepare this holiday? As long as I remember, a hearty Thanksgiving dinner took priority at our house on Thanksgiving, along with t time spent with family and friends.

Ever since Grandma’s death, I knew the auction was coming up. But then, you can’t really face it until it comes to reality. The Amish tradition is to sell the deceased parents’ items over auction with only the family included.

Good morning, the children are all sleeping so I’m seizing some quiet moments to get in touch with you. I’m writing in response to Norma, from London Ohio, who wrote that she would be interested in hearing how I began my walk with the Lord.

I tossed and turned. The mental list was only getting longer. “This is ridiculous, why waste this precious time when I could be sleeping?” I asked myself. “Lord, you can remind me of everything I needed to remember in the morning.”

(Family Features) Some of the most beloved flavors are inspired during the fall, and there are few better ways to enjoy the season’s best than with a group of friends and family. Get ready to wow guests with seasonal treats that invite everyone to indulge in fall flavors.

It is bright and early, and I feel cozy and blessed in a warm house, with a cup of coffee. There’s a nip in the air outside, autumn has finally arrived in southern Illinois. This is Gloria’s mom, by the way. I am filling in for her this week, but she will return next week.

We were on our knees, having our morning prayer together when I heard the “tingle, tingle” of a bell. “What could it be?” I wondered.

Well, it finally happened — fall is here — at least cooler weather is here. It’s time to break out closed toe shoes, long pants and sweaters. And it’s also time to break out those delicious soup recipes.

It’s Sunday afternoon and were are cruising down Interstate 70, heading for Hocking Hills in Ohio. We have another 230 miles until our arrival. Yes, we’re traveling again. We’re taking the whole family; there was no one we wanted to leave back with a babysitter, so all seven of us packed up …

Friday, Oct. 12 is National Gumbo Day, and for those who don’t know what it is, gumbo is a rich stew filled with meat, shellfish such as shrimp, celery, peppers, okra and onions and served over a bed of rice.

Homemade applesauce is something we were always fond of during my growing up years. Now as a mother, I enjoy putting it on the table for my family alongside any hot dish or giving little bites of this pure goodness to the baby boys.